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    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepybones View Post
    Great series, I just started reading and never thought Tennis was so cool.
    same i just started this december
    i finished it in 4 days it's osm
    does anyone know where u can read it online above chapter 372?
    Quote Originally Posted by KuwabaraTheMan View Post
    The Prince of Tennis manga is really heating up, so I figured I should bump up the existing thread and see who else is reading it.

    I really liked the end of 366, with Ryoma and Momo's scene. I wonder how Ryoma is going to be ready in time for his match with Yukimura.

    And Singles 1 should be pretty interesting with Jackal and Marui getting serious against the Golden Pair. I wonder how much they've improved since their match against Momo and Kaidoh.
    if u read chapter 372 (which is the latest) u see part of the ryoma-yukimara match
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    *bump* Well with the new chapter, Ryoma is totally owning. And apparently pinnacle of perfection includes Super Sayian like hair.


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    lol ya... besides we all know yukimura is going saiyin soon too. but pretty cool.

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    I'm sorry, but I don't get you guys.... The only reason I am reading Prince of Tennis is to laugh at how much the story doesn't make sense... I mean it was pretty good until they got weird shots like tornado snake or those weird states where for some reason they have steam coming out of their body....
    I mean you could fantasize a bit since it is a sports manga, but its a bit too much. Its way too off from the real world, and most of the things make no sense even if it is fiction. It just went too far. It might have been better if the story took place on a fantasy world... but it just had to be in a real world.

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    Yesterday I finally catched up the chapter 377 and I'm really glad I started this. PoT has a not very interesting beggining, and even the drawing looks but the story and the drawing style improve a lot, and the last match is being one of the best sports matches I've ever read in a manga

    Agree with Ruggia, though, PoT should be put in the fantasy/magic genre.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendoki View Post
    Yeah, I said:

    I read a couple of chapters, and was bored out of my mind.
    Thats what happened me to me dude but then i watched the anime and thought it was amazing!!! The moves cant be really shown properly in the manga.

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