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Yeah but Luffy defeated Crocodile which proves that he is above crocodiles level. And crocodile+moria are the 2 weakest shichibukais in my opinion. Then again, he wouldn't make it that predictable. Only a couple of things i've ever predicted while reading one piece have ever came true. Some other manga/animes were a bit more obvious.
??? i know is out of topic but in no way is Luffy above Croco... Croco is the only villain to almost kill Luffy. Luffy lost 2 out of 3, how is that better...?? Logia > paramecia and zoan... except in a case such as thunder vs rubber.

about Moria being able to handle the shadows, no doubt he could handle them but the way he spoke about Luffy's use for his power up seems like he has never used them like that before... so maybe, because he has never done it before something might go wrong.