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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Angel View Post
    henrikoez its not that they're winning easily, its just that the Espada are getting bad match ups, think about it. Zomari's eyes could stop almost anything. Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou, Hitsugaya's Ice Dragon, Chad's punches, and he could stop Uryu from even firing a single arrow. He just happened to be matched up with Byakuya whose attack is composed of billions for tiny blades, and he doesn't even need to move a finger to attack. There was no way to stop him really.
    And Szayel, the only reason he probably became an Espada (remember in Nell's flashback he was a servant of Ntoria) is because of his scientific intellect, but he was beat in that by Mayuri because he was more of a scientific genius.
    Its all just bad match ups really. But I don't think Szayel is dead yet, he probably has something up his sleeve.
    Next the battle of pure strength, Ntoria vs Zarachi. This is just a battle between the will to fight, power, insanity. Zarach better pull off a bankai if he wants to win, if he wins through pure strength then I'll start to hate Kubo.
    I couldn't have said it any better myself. I mean really, you place Zomari, who controls your arms and wants you to disable them against the guy that has to throw away his sword to release his bankai. Now, you've also got Mayuri. I expected from the beginning that breaking his organs would do case you forgot, he had a hole blown into him and he was still able to move. (remember? Ishida on godmode?) Yeah, i love Mayuri like a brother, he's pretty much the best captain in my opinion...he may not be as strong as the others...but he's still the greatest, he has that complete disregard for anyone, even those that hold him dear...truly admirable if you ask me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luimac View Post
    .... Kubo disappoints again... "oh, I used bacterias on this boy so I can use them as camaras".... common.. wtf... he should had just used one of those injections and regrew all his body parts and Szayel would had been WTF...

    100% sure Szayel is dead but Kubo is messing up big time... 1st he kills espada 7 in the worst way while he was just introduced to us and now he messed up how Szayel gets killed....
    Screw vizards.. being a capitan is all u need to kill espada....
    I agree. Ichigo as a Vizard should be able to rival the power of a captain, but I dunno

    I'm disappointed at how simply this espada died. I'm not gonna keep my hopes up like with the last chapter that the espada will turn around and put up a good fight. *sighs* Where the hell is Kenpachi. I can't stand Noitora and I'm ready for him to kick the bucket. I wonder how easily it will happen.
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    although I hate mayuri (he is a little freakish, and his bankai is a caterpillar baby, I mean come on. I do like his abilities to regrow things, and ummm replacing all his body parts?....) There are some coincidental match ups, fastest espada vs fastest captain (soi fon might be faster, don't know), scientist vs. scientist, and fighter vs. fighter. I mean seriously, if byakuya didnt fight zomari, there are only 4 current captains beside byakuya that might have been able to kill zomari in my mind, yamamoto (uber ownage), unohana (heal herself of his power somehow), Mayuri (cut off limb, and replace) and zaraki (deal without his limbs, hop around on one foot). Same goes for Szayel, I think that everybody except mayuri, unohana, Yamamoto, and zaraki would have a hard time with his ability. I mean unohana could heal herself, zaraki would fight through it, and yamamoto would turn that doll into ash, all others captains could possibly be screwed if they fought him.

    I kinda liked this chapter, only because he replaced his whole body (that is pretty wanksta..XD), boggles the mind to me......wouldn't he just be a clone replica thing of himself?...I mean he had to replace everything including his brain, bones, skin, tendons...WTF would be left of the original?, his sword guess...

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    Was I the only person thinking OWNED throughout that entire chapter then? <_>

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    that was a let down, I agree with the others who say it would've been much better is mayuri simply shrugs off his injuries and replaces his body parts with that stuff he uses when fighting ishida

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    You realize Aizen is trying to perfect the espada? He doesn't care about most of the current ones, i mean he didnt even budge when Grimmjow killed Lupi. These arent supposed to be the all powerful espada the ones weaker then grimmjaw and maybe more of them are all just going to die before the winter war. If the captains had too much trouble with these weaker ones how would they handle stronger ones? When noitora injured nel in the flashback Szayel wasn't even an espada. If all the weaker espada were already supposed to be as strong or stronger then captains why bother waiting any longer to attack soul society. I kind of doubt Yammy is going to die since he kind of seems like Ulquiorros fraccion.

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    Interesting chapter i would say. Of course the freaky captain Mayuri uses his genius to practically gain a momentum in the battle. I doubt Szayel is out for the count yet, probably has something up his sleeve like always, (although I can't stand him so i wish he would die already). If I have to guess, the battle between Mayuri and Szayel would probably last 2 more chapters at least, with Mayuri mostly likely the victor, but i would like to see some new specticular( or freakishly weird) ability from Mayuri though.

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    I would like to see Kenpachi show us some new tricks... it would be cool to see what he does

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    Same goes for Szayel, I think that everybody except mayuri, unohana, Yamamoto, and zaraki would have a hard time with his ability. I mean unohana could heal herself, zaraki would fight through it, and yamamoto would turn that doll into ash, all others captains could possibly be screwed if they fought him.
    I'm sure anyone EXCEPT Mayuri would die fighting Szayel. Zaraki is going to "fight through" having no organs and bones? Unohana is going to heal her broken bones and ruptured organs? Yamamoto is going to incinerate his own doll, killing himself?

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