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    Bleach Episode 151

    DB finally released 151
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    There's an epidode by dattabayo, added 20 mins ago.

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    MU link is ready to download...enjoy.


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    good as usual, quite comedic, the action wasn't impressive, but it was there. Still, Bleach is good as always.

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    The episode was so cheaply made. It was hurtful to see, it was like instead of downloading an avi, I got a gif with audio >_>. It almost ruined a manga chapter I enjoyed lotsa when I first read it. Although I am still not used to Dordonie's voice, but that's just me, in due time.

    But darnit, the animations were so poorly made... (or there were no animations at all, like with the Arrancar Encyclopedia at the end)

    Also, ads for a second movie, yaaay.

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    I kept cursing Dattebayo's name because they took so long to release this. It really irritated me, but I agree with Rainier, the Espada's voice wasn't that great. However it did get better when he got a little serious, but the voice was pretty annoying at the beginning.

    Nell made up for it though, she's really making a lot of episodes hilarious just because of her appearance. My favourite part is when she was thinking about Don-what's-his-name and Pesche. She points her finger up like "ooooh them" and then starts crying.

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    that was hilarious...laughing about the falling rocks
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    YES!!!! the falling rocks were the best and their disregard for Dordonie was just hilarious...people like to piss and moan when they don't get exactly what they want, and since this is a manga there's bound to be a lot of children who will throw a tantrum. i don't mind this at all...its part of what i liked about Ichigo and Rukia's friendship that i watched bleach in the first place

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    That was honestly crap, the dodgy attempt at humour would have been funny if I were 10 but I'm not and so I found that lame as hell. The great story element is almost gone and replaced with recycled crap. Then there's the action which I've come to love bleach for, but the fight scenes these days look like burnt carp. It's a bit hard to appreciate a fight scene when the speed is as inconsistent as Lindsay Lohan's hair colour. One moment it's decent paced with teleporting and stuff like the part where Ichigo takes a slash at 103 and he teleports away from it. But the rest was crap as they moved slower than Don Konoji's balls of doom and the just generally shithouse job at animation (103 flipping through the air? 103 kicking through the bit support beams up the top? Absolute shit)
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