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    Creature of Shadows Xerenix's Avatar
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    Apr 2008

    Naruto Shippūden 261: "For My Friend"



    And the main story continues!

    Is it just me or did they change the voice actors for Zabuza and Haku?

    Such a great episode and the voice actor for gaara sure is great at speeches.

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    Scanlator POW's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    "Taijutsu from a bookworm will not work on me" ~ Anko XD

    - They expanded the argument scene a bit

    - wow Deidara blew up the Rock village too eh?

    - anime characters are so easily excitable aren't they. lol

    - lol the Gaara fan club of girls got bigger. After the war he can practice his baby making no jutsu.

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    Senior Member
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    Aug 2011
    i can hardly wait for when naruto shows his epic awesomeness in the anime.

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    Senior Member Titokhan's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    unless they stretch things out, we're maybe 2 months from Naruto's confrontation with Tsunade and the Raikage, and another month after that from the real epic awesomeness if i remember the timeline correctly
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    Senior Member knife eater's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    The opening where everyone is moving their lips as if speaking just looked creepy yet still hilarious. I am to believe that thousands of ninjas are just talking to nobody at all (one of the female ninjas just spoke directly to absolutely NOBODY in front of her). Heh.

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    Senior Member thebulk's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    shit abouts to get real in the anime. Cant wait for the real deal to get down

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