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    Ai wo Utau yori Ore ni Oborero!? (Blaue Rosen)

    Hi. ^^ Just wondering if anyone here reads this manga? It's really great! It's a manga by Mayu Shinjo. The story revolves around Akira Shiraishi, a boy widely regarded as the "princess" in his all-boys high school, Dankaisan (男海山, Dankaisan?), decides to pursue Mizuki Sakurazaka, the "prince" of the neighbouring all-girls Saint Nobara (聖 野薔薇, Saint Nobara?) High. Concealing his true sex to most of the students at St. Nobara's, he even manages to join Mizuki's band, the "Blue Roses". Mizuki, priding herself to be a tough tomboy, soon finds herself at a loss: Should she maintain her reputation as a "bishōnen" and prince in her school, or should she accept Akira, who never fails to make her feel like a woman every time they were alone? Also, would Akira be able to keep his true identity a secret among the girls of St. Nobara, while his schoolmates wish to retain their princess?

    I've bought the manga in Chinese but it's only until volume 4. *sigh*

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    I've only read what is out scanlated. I just love the story so far. Akira is adorable, and Mizuki is so pure it is cute! <3

    I am a HUGE Mayu-Sensei fan, and love her smut *______* as you can see from my Atsuro x Yuka color bar.. Yay for forbidden love in Sensual Phrase

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    Yup it's one of the few shoujo manga I read, haha. Gotta thank my friends for that anyway.

    I've bought the manga in Chinese but it's only until volume 4. *sigh*
    You mean it's completed at book 4? Or you only have up to book 4?

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