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    Lightbulb Bleach Power Project?

    Anyone interested in started a bleach power level chart? I've seen a few attempts around the internet and they are terrible. I understand slapping power levels into bleach is harder than the DBZ/GT series because there are no definite power level stated in the manga. However we can make a few easy assumptions:

    Lets take the first manga chapter where we see Ichigo easily defeat 4 skateboard guys. We also see a completely helpless ghost. I'm going to break it down to Ichigo, skateboard guys, and the ghost.

    Lets assume that a baby would be power level 0.
    Is the ghost stronger than a baby? Probably.

    Using DBZ as a reference as seen here:
    Is the girl (as a ghost) stronger than an old farmer with a gun? No.

    We can assume that the ghost about level 2.
    Ghost girl level = 2

    Ok so each one of these skateboard guys is going to be stronger than a little girl ghost or no ghost.
    Would one of these guys be, say, twice as strong as a little girl? Yes.
    Are these skateboard guys as strong as an old farmer with a gun? I would say possibly. These guys aren't very brave so for the sake of the argument lets just say that these guys are around level 4.
    Skateboard guy level (each one) = 4

    Right so now lets look at Ichigo. He destroys the first guys easily. He could be 4 times as strong as one guy.
    Considering that Ichigo is taking on 4 guys at once (whether they fight or not), he knows he is stronger than all 4 put together.
    Ichigo is at least level 16.
    Is Ichigo trying? No.
    Ichigo is at least level 32.
    Is Ichigo mad/serious? No.
    Ichigo would probably be about level 45.
    Ichigo (human form) level = 45

    Now there is a short hollow/Rukia fight scene but we will skip it and go to when Rukia and Ichigo interact in Ichigo's room.

    Rukia gets kicked by Ichigo when he's not serious and she isn't hurt at all. Rukia then easily binds Ichigo with a low Kido.
    Rukia is at least level 16.
    Is Rukia trying? No.
    She is at least level 32.
    Is she mad/serious? No.
    Rukia is probably around level 64.
    It is confirmed that Ichigo and Rukia are near the same level as you see them both get swatted by the hollow(pages 33 and 37) and they are hurt about the same amount. Ichigo could have been hurt more but the baseball bat absorbed some of the damage.
    Is the hollow twice as strong as Rukia? Probably not since she's able to slice into it's arm.

    Hollow is not level 128.
    Since the hollow is able to damage them he has to be higher than their current state.
    Hollow is at least 32.
    Is the hollow trying? I would say kinda?
    Hollow is level 38.
    Is the hollow mad/serious? No.
    Hollow level around 65.

    Ichigo gains all of Rukia's power.
    Ichigo would be max level 109.
    Is Ichigo twice as strong as the hollow? No. It takes him 3 strikes to take the monster out.
    However, was it hard for him to kill the hollow? Not really.
    You will also notice that Rukia only intended on giving Ichigo half of her power. That would have made Ichigo's power level be about 77.
    Rukia new that half of her power would give Ichigo enough to kill the hollow.
    Now if we go back to the first hollow Rukia killed we get this:
    Rukia max level is around 64. Is she twice as strong as the hollow? Possibly, but her first strike wasn't clean through.
    Was Rukia trying when she killed the hollow? More than she wanted to show.
    I would peg this first hollow around level 35.
    So you add it all up and for the first chapter of the manga you get the start of the power level that looks something like this:

    Girl Ghost - 2
    Skateboarders - 4
    Ichigo(Human) - 45
    Hollow 1 -35
    Rukia -64
    Hollow 2 -65
    Ichigo(Shinigami) -109

    Now go to the other end of the scale and lets start with finale of the last arch.
    Ichigo and Aizen could level mountains with the air from their attacks. Are we ever going to see people this powerful again? IF we do it wont be for a long time!

    I think it would be safe to say that Ichigo was the pinnacle.
    We will give him power level 1,000,000.
    Aizen was stupid strong but it was clear that Ichigo was stronger.
    We can give Aizen a number something like 990,000.

    Fill in the blanks!

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    Just no, because power in Bleach has more to do with will power and resolve than actual power per se. So supposedly Ichigo's reiryoku is infinite, meaning his reiatsu number can be anything between 0 to X, it doesn't mean that he's X at any given time.
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    Well the idea would be to have an average overall idea of what the character could achieve at specific intervals throughout the series.

    You could narrow the recorded levels down to each major fight in the series, each major training session, each time skip, etc.

    As seen here;
    power levels were given to characters based on individual abilities or attacks. (I think that's stupid btw)

    But, you are given a rough idea of what characters were capable of in each arch.

    I'll admit it would be easiest to figure out battle the prowess of characters in 10 years when the series is finished, but I've seen and heard a lot of people looking for a definitive answer or solution for the "he's been this strong since 'blank', i bet 'blank' would wipe the floor with 'blank', 'blank' only has 'blank' ability and no way s/he could beat 'blank'".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Approx01 View Post
    As seen here;
    power levels were given to characters based on individual abilities or attacks. (I think that's stupid btw)
    What you wrote here isn't quite right. It's not that their attacks are given power level, it's that some of their attacks raise their power level for the duration of the attack. Normally, when you do a ki attack, you release an energy blast at the level you currently are, but the earthlings/namekins techniques are different, they are superior compared to normal ki blasts.

    This was mainly useful, when they couldn't boost up their power level with their battle auras (Kaioken beside boosting power level, increased the potency of muscles and senses as well), although it's not like they stopped using them, since Kamehameha plus any aura was always better than those 2 separately ;P.

    Power level is not something that fans made, it was something that the author came up with, to compare the strength and growth of his characters. You can't really make a ranking of power levels when there is no ground or basis to calculate them.

    Beside, Bleach has more of a Naruto/Claymor-like fighting levels, with each skill/ability/trait being given a rank and so on. You should concentrate on a system that was already provided by an author, than forcing a system from a different work.

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    No because that would require logic and Kubo don't like!

    Bleach makes no sense in terms of power levels so while I applaud the effort, I think the deck is stacked against you.

    Dragonball: Yes
    Naruto: Yes
    Claymore: Yes
    Bleach: No

    Blame Kubo!

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    Well whats so bothersome about bleach is that we are handed a data book that does nothing to show what the characters are actually capable of.

    There are 5 captains that have strength 100. Obviously they are all the same strength.

    If Aizen really was "twice as strong as a captain" why wouldn't that be reflected in his data?

    Ukitake and Shunsui went to take on the captain commander and they were shaking in their boots. Shouldn't the commander be off the charts too?

    You can even look at Kenpachi (who is rated the lowest btw) who took on both Tousen and Komamura and crushed them.

    I don't understand why Komamura got raped by Kenpachi, who would get raped by Aizen, who (in shinigami form) would get raped by the commander if they are supposed to have the same strength.


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    I think the databooks are more about "mastery" than strength per se. Soi Fon is for example very good with hoho. That's why she's one of the fastest shinigami, but she's not necessarily as physically strong as the others. It also makes sense that Soi Fon is not strongest in terms of brute strength because of how her shikai and bankai work. She doesn't need brute strength. For her being able to hit her opponent twice is far more important than overpowering her opponent.

    Brute strength is also not the same as reiatsu. Ulquiorra never showed brute strength for example, yet he was far stronger than Ichigo.

    Which again shows how little any of it actually makes sense.
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