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    Red face Suna Dokei (Sand Chronicles)

    Does anyone know where I can find this series scanlated? They just started it in SHoujo Beat and I've really grown to like it alot! Please and thank you!!
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    If it's something that's just startd don't expect it to be scanlated straight away, couldn't find anything regarding scanlation of the manga regardless.


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    It was scanlated up to volume 2 chapter 4 by Dragon Voice, check mangatraders.

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    I really like that

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    Yes, this is a great series! I too read it in Shoujo Beat, and it's one of the best series it has in there, especially since it doesn't have Nana anymore -_-. The long distance thing drew me in, probably since I have had a few long distance relationships, and it made me smile; I hope Daigo and Ann stay together (DON'T TELL ME IF THEY DO OR DON'T NO SPOILERS >_>) But also you wonder about the plot with Fujii and his parents.

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