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    Oh, I hadn't seen this board.

    Hi there, you may have seen me in mIRC if you have been there recently, you may have not lol. I'm Rainierman. Rai-nier-man. Nice to meet you.

    I like this site, I like its community, I like what the site represents by having the word Share in it, and I would like to be part of it and contribute to it if I can.

    I look forward to knowing all of you... eventually, my not so good memory will fight against it lol. So I will see you all around :3. Please don't do drugs.

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    Howdy Rainierman from Mr. Almost Anagram as you like to put it.

    Ahem, what sort of drugs do you mean.


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    i don't plan on doing drugs...and my memory for names is well known to be abysmal ;] so..uh, if you see me around the forum and talk to me and i have no idea who you are, this could be why ;]

    there are many people on here at most times of the day or night that i've noticed, likely because of the member numbers and it being an international community. i joined for the banner contest but it's really a interesting place, and grows on you.

    hopefully without sounding too sappy, i'll risk saying it's nice when this many people can meet to discuss things they commonly like, and that the people in charge are working hard to provide those things ;]

    i used to run a site which made an old cartoon available to many people who had nostalgic feelings for the cartoon but had only seen it once many years ago, and even though it was a thankless task at times, a lot of people in the community for that cartoon went out of their way to help me with various things, without my asking or expecting it. it was surprisingly nice.

    with your attitude at least i can see something similar to that =] being new myself, i'm really not familiar enough with the forum to say how the rest of it is though. welcome anyway =]
    forgive the lack of caps and shift-key induced punctuation. it's unavoidable, not intentional. thanks.

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    Hello there, I think I met you once on irc. ;D
    Welcome to Mangashare, hope you stick around and post, Rai-nier-man.

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    @Archiel: The ones the guys that wrote Naruto's fillers take.

    @Decepticon: ;_;_;_;_;. That was very moving, thanks ;_;

    @Infinity: Thanks, will do, thanks for the welcome :3

    On a sidenote, it's good to have the forums back from that brief downtime.

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    Hey person from IRC.

    Welcome. >=3

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