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first of all even if the tengu theory is proven to be true i won't really care. like i said in one of my earlier posts that would probably mean it might be a leak or obviously a pretty damn good theory. like i said in the post you quoted the author of the theory used a lot of japanese mythology as his proof as opposed to info from the manga. considering the obito/tobi theory how the hell can you prove that's not possible. i'll admit the tobi/danzo theory i was just throwing that out there. the obito/tobi theory sounds more reasonable than the danzo/tobi theory and until kishi shows us tobi's true identity i will keep the obito/tobi theory as my opinion as to tobi's true identity.
Japanese mythology was used to prove that the Tengu is actually in the story, and what it is, if not, the theory would've been pretty stupid. Tobi being Obito or not, it's just assumptions because all proof points to it being fake. The thing that proves that theory fake the most is the fact that, by your assumptions, Obito's body was estored, but the most retarded thing is, that they recovered all the mashed up body, and the eye that was taken out, but they couldn't regrow the right eye.

But, this is off topic. Point being that, the Tengu hypothesis is more credible than any one of yours, and the whole forum's theories. Except for Wafflenet's Madaras Past theory, which was the most convincing thing I have ever read.