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    How would you guys react if..........

    The Tengu theory was sort of right?

    I would just pray he turns it into a sick storyline,

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    if by some chance that theory is right (highly doubt it is) i would imagine that a kishimoto advisor showed him the theory and he took it as his own

    considering he is god, i highly doubt that possible

    the only other explanation would be that this guy some how got hold of kishi's notes on what to do with naruto and copied them off as his "theory"

    im positive it is not going to happen but if it does i would continue reading hoping that he improves it (narutizes)

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    I don't think Kishi would just blindside his readers with something like a Tengu. I mean, thats just out of the blue. I would think he would have to do some significant foreshadowing to bring it into the story smoothly. I would certainly feel stupid if this theory somehow turned out to be correct. But it wasn't a theory to begin with, it was a fanfic. So HA!!! lol.

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    I wouldn't be surprised, and it feels more than something leaked than just a theory someone did out of the blue, it makes TOO much sense for it to be just a theory imo.

    I would had preferred if I hadn't read it though, we weren't supposed to know that just yet. I haven't shown it to any of my friends because of that reason.

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    There's no way the theory is true. If it turns out that it is, then I will realize that everything I considered a reality to be only an illusion. Since that won't happen, the theory will continue to be bogus.
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    i honestly wouldnt give a damn, really. i mean i love Naruto, i love everything associated with it but if it turned out to be too silly for the Manga then i would be pissed. but Masashi has done well so far with making the story readable and watchable (Anime). soo... actually it if its well told, then i wouldnt care

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    I Love The Tengu Theory Its The Most Credible Thus Far

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    I don't even know why it's called a theory. Some guy makes up a story and finds a bunch of pictures of tengu in the manga; how is that a theory?
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    I'd like y'all to stop calling it a theory, since it is based on very limited evidence and has not been proven, so it's a hypothesis and at best hypothetical theory (yikes). It's safe to say this is put together the few tengus drawn in the manga to back it up, an active imagination and some quick reading.

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    can someone explain this tengu theory to me....

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