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    Could Jiraiya be a part of Pain now?

    K first of all, I did not read all the posts of the previous Jiraiya-fate possibilities... so maybe someone already told this:

    Pain consists out of 6 people, but strangely, Nagato's (official with rinnegan) body is nowhere to be found, though he was the one that possessed the rinnegan. Guess he took over Yahiko's body...
    the other 5 bodies were (at least I take that for a fact) human bodies, and so they were also taken over.
    Now in my opinion, there is a chance, Jiraiya has been taken over by Pain now too... since his body (except for missing an arm) is a great body! guess we'd all agree on that last thing. Also, the writer did NOT let us see Jiraiya's fate already... so I think he has more plans for him...

    however, some theories are based on more data, I know, just wanted to share this with you guys.

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    good theory, sounds plausible.
    although i personally would just like to see jiraiya dead.

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    personaly I'm betting that J-man will be seen as a corpse next time it has air time with Pain leaving, letting us not find Pain's true Battle Power.

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    well I agree I'd rather see him dead too (even though he's one of my favo chars), but the possibilitie could be there..

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    this should be in the theory section but here goes

    what i think is that pain's main body is hidden away and he has had his soul transfered into 6 other bodies, and nagato's body is the headquarters (sort of) for all and if nagato's body is defeated then all the others will fall also

    he might take a part of his soul and have it overtake another body and could only stretch his soul out to 6 people or can just take over their body and his limit is 6 for what ever reason

    anyways for some reason im sure that if nagato's body is killed then all of his bodies will be defeated as well

    with this said its likely that he will take over jiraiya's body after defeating him for being so strong....but what makes me question this is that if he wants strong bodies then why wouldnt he take danzou's after defeating him, since even jiraiya considered danzou god-like pwntij

    either way its gg ns pwned for jiraiya-sensei

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    lol, u said jiraiya has a great body, lol
    he could be the rasengan body

    even if he had the chance, nagato wouldn't take jiraiya's body
    there is a reason why it is the "six paths of pain"
    not seven

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    my bet, 1st, jiraiya died, 2nd jiraiya be a part of pain, 3rd someone come and help him..

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    i really think Pain will take over Jiraiya. ultimately it would be a pretty sweet yet sad battle for Naruto to battle Pain-Jiraiya. and just because Pain takes over your body doesnt mean he's dead. although he mentioned Yahiko being dead for quite sometime and he possesses Yahiko's body

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    Jiraiya's already lost an arm. If Pain is able to take the bodies of others, one armed Jiraiya doesn't seem like the best choice. He seems to have a body for a specific purpose, and replacing one with Jiraiya would probably disrupt that.
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    what i think is hilarious is that Pein can resurrect dead Peins but yall think attaching an arm to a body is some impossibly difficult task, even by someone of Tsunade's abilities >.> <.<

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