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    He used an exploding Kage bunshin, one suiton, one katon (two in anime), and MS on Kakashi. That concludes both encounters with Itachi. Doesn't seem like he's let much out of the bag yet. So im expecting more will come should this fight go off without a hitch.

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    hm just wondering, do you guys think itachi's been training as hard as sasuke over the timeskip?? i don see why itachi would just sit around doing nothing when he knows his lil bro that wants to kill him and hes training with one of the sannin.

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    i wouldnt say training but he is definately better... I mean he works in a group of S class criminals... to recruit some of them sometimes they had to fight each other.. that = experience. Also, I imagine they had to face a whole bunch of missing-nin hunters, more battle exp. BESIDES that they were themselves ninja hunter so they could get money for phase 1 of akatsuki's plan... MORE EXPERIENCE... BESIDES THAT lol they had to fight Jinchuriki's... and I bet that some of them were stronger than Naruto since Naruto cant access 100% of kyuubi transformation and I imagine some others could... besides getting the jinchuriki's they sometimes invaded countries, like Gaara and Sand, to get them.. that a lot of battle experience ... and Itachi has sharingan so.. duing all this time of battles he gained battle experience AND jutsus... thats why I dont think Sasuke has more jutsus than Itachi or battle experience to beat him.
    Also when Jiraya talked with Kakashi he told him that Akatsuki wasnt doing anything big, just moving in pairs collecting jutsus and stuff... sooooo I mean.. for Itachi 5 years of all this battle and jutsu gathering and he is not going to be superior than Sasuke that just trained, he did train hard thou, 3 years with Oro? I mean Itachi has been in life or death situations while Sasuke has just been under control train environments ( no doubt very hard training but very different from real battles).
    Also remember Sasuke himself said that currently neither him or Oro were able to defeat Itachi currently. Thats why I always said Sasuke is suicidal... I mean if he fought with the 4 man group he created then I saw some chances but.. 1 on 1.... he just wants to get killed (in my opinion).

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    Itachi seems to me, to be still on a higher lvl than Sasuke. Unless Sasuke pulls out some triumph card I can't see a victory.

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    Odds are itachi's gonna win sasuke's not in top form as someone said, that doesn't mean he'll die though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironmaidenlive22 View Post
    how about kakashi. he used MS, some suiton jutsus and also katon jutsus in all instances with kakashi.
    Yeah...but there is one technique that we know nothing of....Amaterasu. I'm still waiting to see the jutsu that could break through Jiraiya's 'stomach.' We really haven't fully seen Itachi's abilities, Kishi seems to be leaving us in the dark until the fight between brothers. Then we'll see the aces they have up their sleeves. But will it really happen now....I still think it's too soon.
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    Ummm i dont think they will fight, but if i had to choose i think Itachi will win,but Sasuke wont die, later in the manga im thinking sasuke and naruto will defeat Itachi together

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    I want to say Itachi will win. But I think Kishimoto will make Naruto and Sasuke meet again to re-match. So Sasuke will win even Itachi is a lot better than Sasuke in skill and experience.

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    sasuke will win cause naruto and sasuke are pretty much the 2 main chars so they cant die

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    feel that they might not even fight for real. itachi and sasuke could have a dialouge between them, itachi say soemthing about the paiting behind them, maybe about akatsuki, et...but if something does happen that involves combat, sasuke will probably jump the gun and attack first. but what will probably slow it down, is the battle between suigetsu and kisame. but that one seems like it'll be interesting as well. but then, there's also tobi, whose happens to be w/ the naruto group. so besides a fight that could take a while to spawn, thre's a bunch of other inbetweens that are happening.

    but on a personal note, if the two were to go at it right away, i would say that itachi would have more of an advantage from the fact that we haven't see him battle too much- only seen some sharingan skill. who knows what else he has up his sleeves...and that's what gives itachi the advantage, using skills that the enemy hasn't seen before.

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