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    Quote Originally Posted by luimac View Post
    I think u are asking the wrong question... it should be the other way around. Itachi could do all Sasuke has now when Itachi was 13.... he could even beat a 100% Oro at that age... So Sasuke IS at a higher level than most ninjas but he is, in my opinion, at the level itachi was at 13.... and Itachi is 21 now.. so i dont think he got worst. The question should be what can Sasuke do that itachi cant do. An dont forget MS...
    Also, Kakashi is better at sharingan than Sasuke and 3 years ago he couldnt follow Itachi's seals with his sharingan... that alone lets us know how fast Itachi truly is.
    The fact that Sasuke got taught by Oro should, in no way, have any say against itachi since he could beat Oro at 11-13 without being taught by a legendary sannin.
    Also, Sasuke beat a clone of Itachi.. not Itachi himself. Clones are many times weaker than original body... like saying that because nagato, yahiko and konan beat Jitaya's clone they could beat the real Jiraya. No.. they couldnt.
    When it comes to ninjutsus Jiraya told kakashi that Akatsuki are moving in teams "collecting jutsus" and stuff.. so having a sharingan and collecting jutsus for more than 7 years I think Itachi doesnt falls short in jutsus arsenal.
    The only thing I cant say 100% that Itachi outclasses Sasuke at is his current speed.. other than that.. Sasuke is proven to be inferior to Itachi.
    first of all you're making the assumption that what sasuke is capable of doing right now is what itachi was able to do when he was 13. we haven't seen all of what sasuke is capable of so you can't just say he can't do much. we might not have fully seen what itachi is capable of but looking at his fighting style it's prolly just gonna be heavily genjutsu. true itachi beat orochimaru when he was young but you seem to be forgetting two things.

    first before sasuke killed orochimaru he said that someone who was considered a genius to the rest of the ninja world was nothing when compared to an uchiha. second when orochimaru tried to get itachi he made the mistake of using genjutsu, an area we know that itachi excels in. he wasn't expecting itachi to be so good with genjutsu and he got pwned and got his arm chopped off in return.

    true one of akatsuki's goal was collecting jutsus so itachi must have a nice arsenal but don't forget that orochimaru was the man who wanted to discover the truths universe and learn every jutsu. so orochimaru was also doing what akatsuki was doing as well. well what do we know about orochimaru, oh yea that's right he trained sasuke so it's safe to say that sasuke definitely has a pretty good arsenal of jutsus as well.

    what do you mean clones are much weaker than the originals. that was itachi's kage bunshin. kage bunshins are supposed to have an equal amount of the original's power. if kage bunshins are so weak then why couldn't naruto easily defeat itachi's kage bunshin that he encountered. also don't forget that it took nagato, yahiko, and konan three years before all three of them could kill jiraiya's clone. also at that time jiraiya prolly wasn't considered a legendary sannin and he was also young so there was definitely time for him to get stronger.


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    I think Sasuke will win but just to add something to the discussion:

    Oro made of his life the finding of every jutsu and trained a sharingan user. Chances are that Ninjutsu wise Sasuke's probably at the same level that Itachi, if not higher but let's go for the tie.

    Until Shippuuden Itachi only used Genjutsu in form of Tsukuyomi: his first battle he showed incredible speed of movement and seal making not to talk he did a couple of kicks and punches and bone breaking. Sasuke's speed probably in the same level but I would dare say a lil faster and they prolly tie in strenght but Sasuke's more confortable with Taijutsu since he uses it more then Itachi.

    Itachi is very advanced on Genjutsu, being able to trap you in powerful genjutsus with just one finger. Sasuke only used Sharingan enhanced Genjutsu but even if he knows more about it I would put my hands on fire with Itachi being better.

    The genjutsu is mostly useless against Sharingan since it can see trough it and ninjutsu they tie the decisive factor will be, I think, Sasuke's Taijutsu. Itachi can still use the same fighting style but this battle starts with a draw and Sasuke's capabilities will dictate the outcome for win or loss (if he's not that good at Taijutsu, Itachi will be able to get him).

    MS - Sasuke doesn't even have to look on Itachi's eyes since with the Sharingan you can amplify Gai's trick and every time Itachi uses MS techniques he ends up tired or with seemingly problems. If Sasuke can avoid the Illusion I don't think Itachi will over force his eyes to give him several fire shots (irony - sasuke defeats Itachi by making him think he hit the MS's Tsukuyomi but then it was really a genjutsu lolol)

    CS - more power to Sasuke that can give the edge to break the tie (note that the MS can do the same for Itachi).

    Even if you consider Itachi to being at advantage in the begining, it'll be a nigh noticeable advantage due to Sharingan's nature (explained already with the Rock Lee's explanation and such).

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    no fight is going to happen
    why would itach tell sasuke to kill his bestfriend when it is naruto who he has to capture. he's not workin for akatsuki, there is some alternative motive

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    Quote Originally Posted by luimac View Post
    is it me or the poll says 70% itachi 40% sasuke... 110%????
    It's probably just because some people voted for both. The one who made the poll shouldn't have allowed users to vote for both options.

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    evenso, itachi is reaaally strong, he beat Orochimaru at the age of eleven... back when the first conversation between akatsuki happened, kisame told them it was seven years since orochimaru left akatsuki, at that time itachi was 18 when the conversation happened. thus making him 11 when he beat Orochimaru... eventhough the character databooks tell that itachi joined akatsuki at the age of 15 or something... just a plothole i think...

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    I think ppl are assuming that Itachi hasn't done anything for the past 3 years up to this confrontation also. Which I think it's wrong to think that. It stands to reason that Itachi may be stronger than what he was when he came to Konoha 3 years ago. Like I said in an earlier post, you can't confidently say that Sasuke is on par with Itachi when the majority of what Itachi can do is a mystery. He's been shown doing mostly genjutsu (Sharingan or otherwise) and a touch ninjutsu and taijutsu. Thats all he's had to use to come out victorious in his few encounters.

    Itachi may really have to fight if he plans on living. So we may see him bust out moves and combos that will be completely insane. That alone gets me pumped up for this fight.

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    my answer to the question is sasuke if someone has to win according to the plot!
    but if the poll was who is stronger i would vote itachi!
    furthermore, i also think that there will be no fight except if naruto manga is near the finish line!
    i guess the final battle would be naruto vs sasuke so they will keep winning even if i do not like that!

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    Sasuke I think. If he was able to kill Orochimaru, than I think he will win with Itachi, but it's probably going to be a long battle... maybe even longer than Sakura vs Sasori.

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    I voted for both of them. Just to continue the over 100% bug and be an ass.

    I don't think they're going to fight. Or there won't be an exact winner/loser.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgsplayer View Post
    hahahaaaaaa...great edition(sorry sasuke fans)
    I say your wrong, if Sasuke gets the chance he will kill Itachi.

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