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He knows Ishida too well? what do you mean.. I had the "my attack is more powerful that Ishida's? It shouldn't be.." part in mind.. that's the opposite of knowing him, I think.. Ishida's not living up to Kirgie's expectations
Mangastream translates it as "ishida uryuu's heirich pfeil is weaker than mine.....Strange... IT SHOULDN'T be"....that alone could mean that its either he expected ishida's attack to be stronger than his because he has a higher potential or that ishida already achieved such strength recently without ever displaying it and revealing it to ichigo and co.... the question is why does opie knows so much about ishida and after when ichigo asks "What do yo mean?".... opie replied that he think he already spoke to much...with his finger on his mouth meaning he don't want to spill out more secrets about ishida that he knows....... now the ishida family is getting more fishy.... they could be already siding with the VR that is why ishida did not chose to go to HM as oppose to last time he went in without hesitation

About the five i don't wanna speculate about it more but it seems to me that those 5 are either special weapons of gotei13 that could hinder the VR's plot or the opposite to which the VR could use them