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    Maybe Sasuke would join the akatsuki after he killed Itachi, Just to learn from them and then turn on them. I think that Naruto is going to fight the leader of the akatsuki later on though. I don't think kakashi will live through the story.


    Itachi and Sasuke will join together for a little bit and then fight each other later on. And Naruto will just let them fight each other. And then he will go after the leader of the akatsuki. Just speculation but I am probably going to be wrong.

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    Naruto is going to act like his usual self and take on the AL or some other totally ├╝ber guy solo, and then get seriously pwnd, which is when Sasuke appears out of nowhere and pulls a Bridge of Heroes all over again. Except this time he's really going to die. His last words are going to be "My body acted on its own... idiot." End of story.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sleepybones View Post
    I think we will find out the answer to "Just how bad have your eyes gotten Itachi?".
    That was a good one

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    I hope Sasuke goes back to Konoha in this arc because its taking way too long ><

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    Well I think that the story will have itachi and sasuke fight it out. Sasuke gets beat and tries to get stronger. Naruto asks sasuke to join him to train and after a little while they go back to fight. Naruto losing to the leader and sasuke beating itachi. sasuke will come and save naruto and they will escape and naruto yells i'll be back.

    thats what i think

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    Akatsuki Should Take Over Everything!

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