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    Quote Originally Posted by Jyoti View Post
    Congrats Kiddo and ajiraiya and blaineo and x_o! xD

    It was a fun contest. We should try to be more of an art presence around here instead of just competing for prizes! *HYPOCRITE*
    jajajaja! the prizes rules!! Now that you say that, I wonder if everyone who likes art join the DA club (see the sig above)

    Quote Originally Posted by blaineo View Post
    Nah we shared last place didnt we so your not alone.
    hehe, you got reason btw join the DA club!

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    congratulations to kiddo! it really is freakishly awesome! ^^

    Learn Violently! Damnit! MyDeviantArt

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    Congratulations, Kiddo! And great job, everyone! I love all the entries... especially the ones with One Piece, because imagining Luffy in the same room as Naruto and Ichigo always cracks me up.

    Kiddo's is awesome because it has all these little details (I just recently noticed the dogs XD Aww, one is crying, LOL), Jyoti's is so pretty (Orihime's expression is so great and the way she's colored is so pretty), Ajiraiya's banner makes me laugh every time XD (Naruto and Luffy especially have the best reactions and meanwhile Jiraiya's all YAYYY), Blaineo's is somehow sweet (I can't decide which part I like the most -- the little Christmas tree on little Naruto's forehead protector, Allen's serene expression, or Ichigo's expression as he pulls the beard down XD), and X_O's is totally cute (LOL Poor little Naruto.. He's so excited about his present but he's about to get pwnd by Luffy).

    Tough decision to choose between those entries and I suspect there were a lot of other great entries. Awesome job everyone! I love that MangaShare does this, too. It's fun to see the different banners each month

    And actually speaking of Blaineo--the other months Blaine won were also great. I enjoyed opening the site and seeing those as the headers.

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    how do i put a pict. up!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    please answer.
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    Gonna find out who's naughty and nice- he's judgemental

    Not to mention breaking and entering

    Santa doesn't seem very nice!!

    P.S. this is from

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    You mean a banner?
    This contest is over...this thread is to talk about the winners...
    But, you can enter the January contest if you would like. Have you tried uploading your image to

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    Excuse me, infinity? It's about you sig. why is naruto saying: ro ba da na zu?
    does it mean anything? sorry for the stupid question but I'm just curious...

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    Not a clue, I don't even know what the japanese characters mean. xD
    Here is the full picture, it might make sense when it is complete:

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