First off, thank you SO much to all the talented people who put a lot of time and effort into this contest. It was a painfully difficult decision for the staff to have to choose between 14 banners that were shortlisted through a preliminary voting round. All 14 of you guys could have easily won the prize so it's a little depressing to have to finally cut it down to 1.

With that said, it's time dig deep into the wallet and ship the prizes all the way to Germany, congratulations Kiddo on winning the majority vote.


You will be receiving a Private Message from me shortly to collect information.

You can visit Kiddo's deviant art at: Didip on deviantART

The top 5 results broke down like this, for those interested:
1) Kiddo
2) Jyoti (click)
3) Ajiraiya (click)
4) Blaineo (click) & (X_O) (click)

It was very close, so don't get discouraged, you all did great. As I mentioned in the discussion thread, I'll be doing something special in our December manga releases for the runner ups.


Honorable mention goes out to blaineo, who won the October and November banner contests, but didn't receive any prizes or get his own thread about it like this. You can check out Blaine's deviant art at: Blaine3887 on deviantART