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    more updates on my site.

    fullviews available here -->

    and yea, despite me being a shounen,seinen manga fan, my default style is josei-ish (because IMO shoujo styled stuff has large eyes, and i don`t like drawing large eyes, so i`m gonna go with josei, but i dunno what genre style it is most like.)
    anyways, i wish my stuff look my shounen/seinen-y but i don`t like drawing `round`lines, and they`re kinda harder for me, so they kinda don`t look like it.

    new art coming soon!!

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    that''s some awesome stuff

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    wow~ that was owesom ^^ truely` i'm was enjoy seeing this.~

    i x ac talent~ T_T

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    you have mad skills! :-O really great talent & skills! KIU!!! dont ever lose that touch of creativity of yours! you're so lucky! no B.S.

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    this is nice especially the first picture.

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    very immpresive i must say, specially the first one

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    doing your mom
    very awesome art work


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    it's been a while =)
    i haven't drawn much at all this year, it's been busy semester after another T_T
    so mainly just 1/2-assed stuff and rough sketches =_=

    WIP =)

    not much updating on dA either. usually just dumping stuff on facebook =_=

    thanks for looking =)
    comments/critiques/criticisms or anything welcome~

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    Did you made a deal with the devil cause your pics look awsome ??*_*....

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