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    thank you all =)

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    ignore the errors hahaha... draft

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    thanks for all the comments =)
    i'd be great if you look at stuff there too, theres usually more and i update that more and first.

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    more new art here -->

    i'm too lazy to put everything here... soz.
    i like this style, i just might stick to it

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    i've been lazy, all except the first ones are WIPs
    lazy uploading and scanning and cleaning
    not lazy bout drawing. i've been drawing a lot.

    boa hankcock on the way - nearly finished colouring
    though shes pretty much the first female i've drawn...she's really hot. =D

    comments are needed!...or at least very VERY much appreciated

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    You're awesome <3

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    You have a DA page right? Those look good btw.

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    good one

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    hi peeps.
    i`m still alive.

    though you`d prob know if you reguarly check my dA site =D

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    Too shoujo, but that's an awesome Ulquiorra.

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