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More or less yes and he was making the point he tried to create human puppets that where undying. He also stated he finally got the body he always wanted one that is timeless and undying. His perception of art is something timeless unchanged by time. Edo Tensei would have been the ultimate tool for Sasori if he could have gotten his hands on the secret behind the jutsu he would have a more powerful collection of tools to use.

I suspect he wanted to use a modified version of Edo Tensei on himself somehow as well.
I bet he wanted to know Edo Tensei's limitations so he could figure out how to revive Mommy and Daddy. I wonder if/when Orochimaru did that, too... I bet they were some of the first people he tested it on. Weren't both Sasori and Orochimaru driven to search for immortality after their parents died?