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    Very interesting chapter, these flashbacks have done an amazing job at giving a sincere take on Kabuto's life rather than rushing things for the sake of getting back to the fight.

    However, next up is probably a return to the Uchiha vs. Kabuto fight (finally), so let's hope things heat up and we can really see what both sides are capable of. Sure, we have Izanami in the mix, but where's Sasuke's EMS abilities? It's time to put someone's life on the line rather than dancing around each other's techniques... has there ever been a fight with lower risks? Itachi's protecting Sasuke, Kabuto doesn't want to hurt Sasuke, and Itachi/Kabuto are both immune to all forms of damage. I don't want Izanami to settle things; I want to see what Sasuke can pull off once Itachi's Izanami fails.

    Sasuke is the strongest person in the cave right now, he deserves to take control of this fight.
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