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^ don't you find it odd he hasn't already fashion a great weapon strong enough to destory the world since the four years have past since the Punk Hazard explosion? HIs first one was able to destroy an entire island, and even Caesar said his experiements never fail (whether truth or his own flawed perception of their success). So, shouldn't he already be capable of destorying an entire country or civilization?
His weapon didnt actually destroy an island,it just destroyed all life at it with the poison gas.He just found a really effective poison gas and during that accident too much of it was released.

How does that come close to destroying the world.Check a random sland in the world map to see how small it actually is.Oh right,you cant,unless an island is really hue,you wont even see t.Thats the difference between destroying the eco-system ofd an island and actually destroying the world.

And like aggeroff explained those things dont progress as fast as you think.