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Thread: Sprained ankle

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    Sprained ankle

    Anyone else done this recently?

    Has now been one week since I went over on mine spectacularly.

    Now it is some fantastic colours!!! Even my toes are bruised and I didn't even hurt them!!!!

    But I hope someone can share in the horribleness of spraining your ankle.

    (the doctor also said that I had an avulsion on the ankle that's why it is so GODDAMN sore!!!!)

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    I sprained my wrist last year snowboarding and it was pretty bad. My idiot brothers didn't want to leave the damn slopes so they gave me a bandage and told me to suck it up. Later it got so bad it looked like someone shoved half a golf ball under my skin.

    >.< I feel for you, it must be twice as worse cause it's your ankle. Just keep off it and try therapeutic heat tapes over the swollen part.
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    Yeah, those suck. I had a pretty bad sprain on my ankle freshman year. Right now, what's been causing me problems is my right rotator cuff. (Damn rugby) Been on the bench two weeks now.
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    During Track practice at the park I stepped on a leaf that had a pinecone hidden under it. I was out for...2 days. Lol

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