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I have a suggestion for the rp....
Why don't we request mangashare for an area just for rp? You know, how they have areas for fanfics, and discussions? It would make things a little easier and centralized...you could have more threads to rp in instead of simply having an individual one for each set of ninja, because how are we all going to interact once we all meet up eventually? (but each character can only be in one thread at a time, cuz you can't be in 2 places at once!)
I miss rp forums....:(
thats a pretty good idea.

however i havent been RPing cuz well Tayuya kept complaining about how 'lame' the set up is, so i told her to start it with a new set of rules and im still waiting on her to come up with something better to start us off.

reason why i split the threads is because if everyoen suddenly starts to RP all in the same spot with this many people it would get way too confusing so it would be easier to break into groups and just have an occasional thread where we could RP together from.