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    Ok, sounds intesting. I play Naruto RPG IRL, as the storyteller. It should be fun as a player ^^

    OK... 1)Deidara 2)Suigetsu
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    It sound fun. I'm noob at this, so I'll learn how to do everything while watching the others play around.

    I'll choose Tobi character
    My second pick is Kisame.

    My doubts:
    - What're the 2nd pick character mean to be? Only if the first one is not checked?
    - When does this start?
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    I may not be able to post daily so I'll pick a lazy character >.>

    1) Shikamaru

    There is toss up between Gaara and Kankurou (Although I don't know how Gaara is managing without Shukaku so it might be too much assumption to RP him). Then again they aren't exactly directly involved.

    I won't be heartbroken if i get a character that isn't taken (but is necessary). I'm open and think that all the character's would be interesting to play.

    It however has been a week so we may need to narrow down the factions or the characters (probably have to make a list of vital characters). Unless of course we are doing multiples (I would prefer not to however unless I get to be the generic bad guys).

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    first time i've done this i'll pick jiraiya

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    my first pick will be kisame then um shino and idk about my third pick

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    oo sounds fun =)
    1. Suigetsu
    2. Lee
    3. Kisame
    im not sure i know everything about RPing, so instructions plz! and where do we go?

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    With so many people this is getting more and more interesting!!!
    I need to know how to play and see this starting, heh :p

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    Ok I don't understand too much but I pick:

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    Ok i'll have this set up to start monday. ^_^

    thanks to everyone who visited the thread

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    I can't wait to start, heh...

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