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Thread: Best DGM arc?

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    I wish I could make their trip to Japan by boat an altogether seperate mini-arc simply coz when they left it was probably one of the most saddest scenes in the whole manga especially when those guys were yelling out over the loudspeaker and Lavi said "Old man, this is just too sad" (for anyone who doesn't remember its Chapter 76).
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    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    hmm well this si a hard question, um, id say the whole rewind town one was fun, and i also like the china one cuz teh story really took a big adn serious turn thta actually got you on teh start of the real story, and my fav sceen is in that, the part where allens liek half dead and tyki was standing over him and threw that cards on him, that was sooooooo cool

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    i love it coz i am gonna fight next

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    Crowley arc definately. The story is great and funny.

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    I will prefer the latest arc..always unless its fillers in manga always teh most exciting

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