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    Eyeshield 21 What Village would u be if u could be in any village?

    me cloud stright up. its not to major but it gets a little light upon it in that episode where neji uncles kils the leader of cloud
    uh anyone T_T
    ugh no one sees my post T_T
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    I see it, and I'll go with the good old Leaf Village. Its calm and relaxing, seems to be the only stable place there. Though the rain village looks cool too.

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    The Hidden Get-Me-A-Decent-LSAT-Score Village.
    Si hoc legere scis nimium eruditionis habes

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    The Hidden Cloud Village

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    Hidden sound 8) If it exist anymore, duh

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    Hidden village of werever hidan is from!
    Sup' kidz

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    konoha =) seems like the best village to be... not like depressing ass lands like sand or mist... lol

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    Yeah, I'd have to go with Konoha... less chance I'd end up murdered by fellow other "friendly" ninja or just some child prodigy that looses his mind and wipes out an entire borough... wait that did happen in Konoha.

    Well I wouldnt want to be somewhere I'd end up a some sort of self-sacrificing slave that serves the main branch of a family... oh crap that happened in Konoha too.

    Hey! At least I wont end up kidnapped by one of the villages most respected ninja, disected and experimented on all in hopes of learning my clan's bloodline trait... triple crap.

    How's the cloud country this time of the year?

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    Konoha... cause Hinata lives there.

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    born in konoha, but now wandering through the world, being a mystic ninja or whatever :p

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