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    One Piece One Piece 480 Spoilers

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    Title of the chapter:: Interception

    Japanese scan with watermarks:


    Summary by Himajin:

    Translation by Josen (AP):
    Franky and Usopp went to construct sth. in the giant freezer.
    Robin creates a ladder/footing, brooke with luffy on his shoulders runs up on it.
    Nami creates a rain cloud right above Odz and lets it rain down on him. Franky comes back with an iron hose and uses Coup de Vent to blast a hole in the tower. Usopp untwists sth., cold air comes out of the hose and freezes Odz's legs.
    Above Odz Sanji wreathes a chain around Odz's body. Zoro uses his 3000 Worlds attack to create a chance so that Sanji can pull the chain, putting Odz in an upright and immovable position.
    Chopper then talks about that if a human spine takes an S-like shape it softens up the impact and weight of the structure, so when its bend straight he has no place to run and has to take full damage.
    Brook throws Luffy then high up into the air, Luffy begins to attack.
    Odz wants to counter the attack but his right arm can't move, so he isn't able to attack. Luffy (Giant Bazooka!!)
    Chapter ends with Odz bones breaking, and him being beaten
    Spoiler (translation) by Kikuna992 (MH):
    This is what basically happens I've included only the most important bits

    Oz gets up: "It doesn't hurt at all!"
    Zoro (just awakened): "I can take care of him on my own! He's weak enough already!"
    Luffy (just awakened): I needed just one more punch! God I'm tired!"

    [The Strawhats rise up one by one]
    [Sanji and Chopper run off]
    [Ussop and Franky making something in the massive freezer room]
    Zoro: "You are in the way! Go!" (to Lola's pirates)

    [Robin creates solid steps]
    [Brook runs up these easily towards Luffy]
    Nami: "Rainbow Tempo!" (causes it to rain right above Oz)

    [Franky makes a hole with his "Air Cannon" in the side of the freezer room, which opens up right behind Oz]
    Franky: "Turn the valve on full!"
    [Ussop turns it and freezing air comes out freezing Oz's legs to the ground]

    [Sanji who is now above on the wheel coming off the side of the main mast ( see above spoiler) throws a chain down and loops it around Oz]
    [Zoro now cuts the chain to length with "3000 Worlds"]
    [Sanji pulls the chain and Oz's back is pulled into an upright posture]

    [Chopper explains how the body absorbs shock by being shaped like an "S" but if the back is straight the impact will be massive]

    [Luffy gets thrown up into the air by Brook]
    Luffy:"Gomu Gomu no Giant's Bazooka!!!" (basically now in 3rd Gear)
    Oz: "this is nothing I can stop you with my Bazooka!"

    [tries to raise his right arm but it doesnt rise, due to all the previous attacks the mugiwaras have inflicted]

    [The bones throughout Oz's body crack and he falls to the floor]
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    One Piece One Piece 480 Spoiler Discussion

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    Looks like a final combo by the Straw Hats together will put and end to Oz. Hah, I though Oz wouldn't be able to move anymore, but we finally had another chapter still not ending the saga and without knowing anything more of Kuma...

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    Gigant Bazooka huh?


    What do I win?

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    A little bummed at this weeks chapter if all it's going to be about is how they chain down and beat up Oz. Wanted to know what happens to Moria and if Kuma is going to intervene, if Brook joins (I actually hope not), what their next destination is, the ramifications of wrecking thriller bark etc.

    Especially bummed since there was a one-week break. ;P Was hoping for something a bit more spectacular.

    *generic disclaimer that I'll read the chapter before I judge it*

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    what is "sth" that mentioned in the spoiler?

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    Dunno about if you're talking about the word "sth" itself (which means "something") or you're talking about to what "something" refers to. If it's the second, I think there's no mistery on that, the user who posted the spoiler just didn't know how to call the object/thing/construction they're making, it doesn't have importance though.

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