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    Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye is the last movie produced by Steven Spielberg, and the cast included Shia Labeouf (Transformers, Indiana Jones IV), Rosarion Dawson (Death Proof, Men in Black II) among others.

    Yesterday, Friday September 26 it came out in US cinemas, I personally went to watch it, and consider it one of the best movies of the year. There action constantly and lot humor from Shia as well as well developed plot. I definitely recommend it.
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    if shia lebouf is in it, this is gonna be worth watching.

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    i just watched it yesterday,i think its a great movie,
    if u havent watched it, u should it give a try

    Shia Labeoufs actin is rly good,he is one of the few young actors i like
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    Watched this long ago. Pretty great at start but I somewhat got disappointed along the way. It's good though, the fact that it's based on recent happenings in the world.

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    ill give it a try..
    but i dont like that shia guy, imo waist of film, transformers the movie wouldve been better if he wasnt in it, indiana jones wouldve been better as well.

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    Yeah yeah a decent movie.

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    shia lebouf then it is a GOOD movie i used to hate shia in Even Stevens but he grow up very handsome and now im a FAN of all his movies
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