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    Naruto Naruto 380 Spoilers

    Attention read below!

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    Discuss the spoilers here.

    Please do not provide Babelfish translations or any translation by a online translation machine in this thread, they are confusing and always wrong...

    Short summary
    Source: (Spoiler not confirmed)
    六道の中に弥彦らしき人物がいる でも弥彦ではないらしい 謎は明かされぬまま
    イタチとサスケが再会 モバゲ某サークルより抜粋

    Translation by Diego Serrano @ NF:
    The spoiler says that six Peins have RASHIKI, and Yahiko (yes, Yahiko) has NAIRASHII.
    Jiraiya doesn´t die in this chapter, ''Calling on the flying squad KAKASHI'', and the Uchiha Brothers meet themselves again.

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    Naruto Naruto 380 Spoiler Discussion

    Attention read below!
    View the spoilers of this chapter here.
    And discuss all about the spoilers inside this thread.
    The spoiler we have at the moment is not confirmed, but the guy who posted it also posted the cover of the WSJ, so it's possible that the spoiler is not fake. If so, what do you think about the meeting of the two Uchiha? I expected it not to happen at least until 10 chapters...

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    1,755 many fans expected,yahiko.
    i hope the brother's meeting get's more entertaining

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    sasuke will eat itachi alive

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    I just hope jiraya dies already, its been close to ten chapters since the fight started, this is why the anime catches up to the manga so quick.

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    67 comment so far....

    except that I love your sig funny!

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    Pretty vague thus far, but hey, it's only Tuesday. Looking forward to the actual chapter, though, heh!

    Also, I'm tired of people "flying" in Naruto since it comes around in the anime as such a huge chunk of the arc.
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    From dragonmanga (found it at mangahelpers)

    (Jiraya looks in disdain at the 6 Pein bodies)
    Jiraya: Y-you.....
    Ma: Jiraya-Chan, did you discover something?
    (Jiraya turns over to Ma)
    Jiraya: Yeah.... turns out I was wrong about my earlier statement just now....
    Pa: What? What do you mean?
    Jiraya: I mean.... they aren't 3 different people with the ability to see through each other's eyes...
    (1 of the Pein bodies jump forward towards Jiraya)
    Ma: Watch out!!
    (Jiraya jumps out of the way and Pein punches the ground)
    Jiraya: *Crap! If this goes on we're toad meat! Also... I'm running out of chakra, meaning I won't be able to hold hermit mode for much longer.....* Damn it!
    ???: PEIN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Why are you here??
    (A dark figure appears from the alley behind Pein)
    ???: Oh? Now I see..... Even if it still is the great sannin Jiraya, didn't you defeat Hanzhou?
    Pein: What are YOU doing here?
    ???: I was just about to get outta this scrap you call a city... Hmph.... I can't believe you had to bring out the "Rain Rikudo".
    (The figure walks out of the darkness. He reveals himself to be Tobi)
    Jiraya: *Who is that?!*
    (Sharingan is shown through Tobi's eye hole.)
    Jiraya/Ma/Pa: !!!!
    (Ma turns to Jiraya)
    Ma: HEY! That's the Sharingan! Who the hell is he?!
    Jiraya: I don't know! If it's not Itachi......
    (Frame focuses on Tobi)
    of the japanese script by damnz (the spoiler with the flying kakashi squad, which damnz posted):

    by hce

    "It seems that one of six Pain's body is Yahiko's, but there's no trace of Yahiko and the mystery remains unsolved.
    Kakashi squad meets Tobi
    Itachi and Sasuke remeeting"
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    The latest is faketown. Tobi was last shown at the valley of the end a few chapters ago, why would he start in rain, go there to make a dramatic pose, and then go back to rain.

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    spoilers thread is updated with another version of the spoiler damnz posted.

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