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    Riot Police against 15 year olds

    Yes its happening! About noon the dutch riot police went after 12-16 year olds! Complete with bats and shields


    And here they are screaming ''Hamas,Hamas Jews on the gas!'' - Hamas, Hamas - Waarom 1040 lesuren te weinig zijn

    It are about 20k students - Pliesie hanteert wapenstok

    And now the good movies

    Geenstijl.TV - Rutger en de rellende rotscholieren
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    That looked bad, all the students should have just rush the cops.

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    Not too surprising. I participated in the Qu├ębec City protests (A20) at the 2001 Summit of the Americas (regarding the FTAA). I got teargased and my best friend got bloodied up. We were 15 and 16 respectively, and about as aggressive as a pair of declawed kittens.

    Yeah. Cops. My favourite.

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