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    I hope on the globe.

    Hitomi no Catoblepas Releases not updated

    I'm probably not the only one noticing this but lately I've got the feeling that Mangashare was abandoned by the mods, the tracker isn't updated anymore (or rarely, but the gap between every update becomes bigger as time passes), their even still updates missing from weeks ago. Now I've got the question if Mangashare is still alive?

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    Yes were still alive. There mods on here everyday.

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    Tracker is now cleared of its backlog. If you have any further questions and/or complaints feel free to PM me and I'll see what I can do to help you.

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    I've also noticed this. The list doesn't really have much, other than the big 3 and a few. E.g. Haven't seen HSDK or Belzebub being put on the home page even though they've been out for ages.

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    Sorry to bump an old thread. There hasn't been any updates for a month?

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    is this site dead?

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    I agree something is wrong with the site, there hasn't been any updates in like 2 months now. And it's just weird that there hasn't been any forum posts regarding what is wrong. I just go directly to the sites that scanlate my manga anyways.

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    one of the best sites. hope they're not gonna abandon it :(

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