Hi all,

I would like to apologize beforehand if there are any spelling mistakes or if my english sounds weird, I'm not quite used to it, anyway :

-Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Samir and I represent the Tanjou-fansub http://www.tanjou-fansubs.net/ -A French anime translation team- and we are currently recruiting a Us/Jap translator to (re)do the first OVA of Kenichi and the second one to be released soon.

-You may ask why do the job again, since there is already a version released by Subdesu and here is my answer : We deem it poorly translated and unworthy of the work of the author (No offence to Subdesu), we would like to do translate it anew and release it in both English and French -and why not in other languages should other foreign teams use our scripts-. So here's the deal : The Tanjou-fansub is willing to co-produce the 2 OVAs with any group/fansub team/or freelance translator ready to do this job, all we ask for is a quality translation, clean and correct, after that, we make it our job to release the English and French version -Contributors will of course be credited-. This can be the beginning of a great partnership and, why not, if a Season 2 is ever produced, we may do it again together. Know that our team is very motivated and that we are all ears to any complaint you might have.

So, if you are interested, please answer this thread or else, contact me at : Unforgiven-wanda@hotmail.fr --

Hope it didn't take you too long to read, if so, sorry ^^