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    Quote Originally Posted by Jink View Post

    IMMAH BONK YOU OVER THE HEAD WITH MY... hammer... thing.
    omfg, this remind of those lamers that CENSOR yugioh cards

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    Lmao, that "He dive like crazy beef!" sub was what I watched since KF weren't finished with Skypiea xD It was so frickin hard to understand sometimes. They even translated the names into chinese and then into English. I watched those subs and almost died until the Swedish sub (which was really flawed also, but at least it was better. *Ashamed to be Swedish* xD) and Gerusama came along.

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    Not really a quote but remember Laboon? They cut the whole whale off. Now they really screwed. . I just can't wait to see how the OP next nakamana will respond XD.

    Th scene where Dalton was saying "When we reach the top everyone go down". In the anime he had a bomb and in the dub he had a knife =.=. Seriously why is everyone gasping at a puny knife when they got things like luffy's punch and Zoro's sword.

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