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    wow...liar game chapters 30-31....
    This 3rd round is sooo sooo risky...400million yen? DAMN...

    I don't think the Southern team will win until the very last rounds...cuz i bet they aren't going to try to take alot of money at a time

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    32 has just been released, enjoy akiyama's counterattack...

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    awesome manga, each chapter your brain melts in amazement.
    The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

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    Up to chapter 34 has been released. I think I've already figured out that Yokoya's supposed clairvoyance. It's the mice. It seems the always "speak" to him just before he guesses the amount of money.

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    ...that would be weird O_o. He would need to be able to understand mice speech, number for number. And so far there hasn't been any supernatural abilities. (unless its not that hard to understand mice)
    &how exactly would the mice know the #

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    ... *face palm* I didn't actuallly mean the mice speak to him. I meat something more like a code. I'm not saying it is the mice, I'm just saying I reckon it's the mice, because that's the conclusion I came to.

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    ^it's not impossible xD

    but I think Yokoya has hacked into the southern countrys bank and is able to moniter exactly how much they're withdrawing >.>

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    Yokoya is a nub, looks like he'll get ownd by Nao somehow someway..

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    I'm looking for a quote from the manga, the one about how doubting somebody is actually giving a chance to know them better. I think it's in the earlier chapters. I could browse each of the chapters online but my net is slow.


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    When I first read that chapter, I was stuck with amazement. After painstakingly ruminating on how to phrase it in english, I can only hope to convey the profound lesson being shown here. Truly one of the most thought-provoking, if not best lines, I've ever seen in a manga.

    the conversation begins on this page:
    it goes on for 4 pages.

    the climax is my favorite:
    "Question them, suspect them...and take a good, long look into their hearts. Humans are the kind of beings that can't put their pain into words, after all"

    words to meditate on.

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