So, The eleven supernova's are now of grand status, much like the Shichibukai and Yonkou. Of course I don't mean that they are of the same level, just in the same race.

The dragon Zoro killed was not only well known, but favored by the Celestial Dragons. Feat of strength and direct insult to them; too bad only the three people witnessed it or Zoro's bounty would have doubled from that alone.

Does Joker work for Ceaser or do they both work for a higher person? Is this higher person Big Mam? Would fit into her freak show, now wouldn't it?

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Gay smoker looks gay (tashigi in smoker) wonder why BrownB. Can actually walk with those legs if laws ability was usedbto "fuse" them. Thought the body parts ar still under the control of the"owner".
More than likely, it is dependent on the strength of the new host and the former host.

Better question: When a DF user gets their body switched, such as Smoker and Chopper, which host has the ability to use the power? Smoker or Tashagi? Chopper or Franky? Is the DF part of the body or soul?