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    Yeah this is bad indeed

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    you'll never catch me, suckas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    Lol nothing can replace the Super Supreme Pizza, it makes me hungry just thinking about it lol, but we gotta deal with the hot dogs for now.
    Read the new trace stuff anybody who loved the first series will be happy that the wait is finally over

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahmad Jamal View Post
    No naruto this week:S and they say No Naruto next week either :S Whats happened to this world....!! Kishi thats not fair....:S
    Don't blame Kishi, Pretty much all manga is doing this. Blame the Jump publishers.
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    anyone know if there'll be any shonen jump/naruto this coming week?

    I have a feeling there'll be second week off for Japan's work-a-holic manga authors.
    Which can mean only one thing, another week of luxurious titty massages given by super models - that's my prediction for what will happen next week.

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    Raws for bleach and one piece are out so I'd guess so.
    Hey baby, wanna take a gander at some Adam West penis?

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