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itachi being ill due to already having a bad health or due to guilt over killing his own family is still a much more plausible reason tho. he couldnt read the tablets, atleast not the part that needed the rinnegan to read and you're assuming that the rinnegan comes from the sharingan of which there is no real proof. you're assuming that once you have the prerequisite for developing the rinnegan it strains the body which is just illogical bcoz that would mean that some1 like kakashi who would also meet the same requirements as itachi atleast according to you, would be just as sick as itachi.

i think your theory and arguements are heavily shrouded in your own itachi fanboy'ism, fact of the matter is, we dont know for sure how you develop the rinnegan, for all we know itachi wasnt even close, and the info we have about developing the rinnegan is shady at best as we dont know why and what caused madara to gain the rinnegan(a lot of ppl are assuming it was the sharingan which could be true but it could also not be true), nor do we know for sure if tobi gave the rinnegan to nagato or if nagato developed the rinnegan naturally and tobi was simply using mind games which fits perfectly with tobi's mindset for manipulation.
I have never been a fan of itachi, i do tend to get carried away in my excitement for theories but kakashi is nowhere near meeting the same conditions as itachi so don't put those words in my mouth. He hasn't the bloodline, he hasn't awoken a second Ms technique, he is nowhere near awakening susanoo or using izanagi/izanami, he isn't a master of sharingan in the slightest. And check your notion of logic because last time i checked meeting the prerequisites to something is a safe bet that something is attainable. If you want to say he was physically ill from being sick, fine, we may never know the real reason but kabuto and orochimaru already had their theory confirmed of the evolution of the eye doukutsus Whig is partly why i say itachi was awakening rinnegan. Sharingan outside the uchiha bloodline causes strain and physical ailment to those who use it. Rinnegan OS teased to be similar but moreso and that's not just for uchiha. Nagato's use of rinnegan and chakra transmission caused him physical ailment, not his own guilt or regret from his failures. The fact that sharingan has physical drawbacks even for uchiha (Ms blindness, darkness for forbidden techniques) suggests something more powerful will be more taxing. And have you forgotten the basic idea throughout the manga that the split bloodline meansthe true power of the so6p can't be fully realized in either one by itself. Uchiha can't sustain rinnegan without the stamina of senju or uzumaki. How can you say even if circumstantial in itachis case, he is better candidate than any for. Awakening rinnegan after madara. Do you deny that? He has completed thus far all known sharingan tech sans ems. Perhaps once he obtained ems he would have all the ingredients but not completing that allowed him to live as long as he did.