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    Naruto Is there hope for jiraya to survive?

    hey guys i was just wondering go you guys think there is hope for jiraya to survive even if he doesn't win the fight.

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    He sure as hell is powerful in his Hermit form. Against 3 Pein's, he won relatively cleanly by thinking it through and using genjutsu. Against 6, I'm sure he'll try and think of a way to defeat them all if not a few. Keep in mind though, he lost his left arm. Seals are pretty much gone now.

    In the end though, he'll either:
    1) Get killed.
    2) Run away.
    3) Take them all out with a suicide ultimate attack that we haven't seen yet.

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    well good theory, but one thing i am completely not sure of this but jiraya migh be able to use a one arm ninjutsu formation like haku did, am just throwing that theory around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharingan360 View Post
    well good theory, but one thing i am completely not sure of this but jiraya migh be able to use a one arm ninjutsu formation like haku did, am just throwing that theory around.
    even if he could, at the most is probably cast summoning to gtf out of there, because whatever jutsu he could possibly come up with will instantly get overtaken by it's respective element. The only possible thing that Jiraiya could and should do, is seal up some of the abilities of Pain by restricting his chakra or die the way of Shiki Fujin

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    I say in order for Jariya to survive this one someone has to back him up, I don't think he can pull off a escape on his own. At this point I say he has no chance of winning except if he manages to some how hold on to all six with shadow clones and pull of the death god jutsu. But that's totally overdone and I'm not so sure if he can even use the shadow clone jutsu w/ only one hand. This seriously looks like the end of the line for Jariya.

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    I think Jiraiya is done for it... but for some reason, I'd like it if there would be some (un)expected backup... like Tsunade for instance...

    Btw, it was cool to see Jiraiya losing his arm, showing how serious this battle is!

    Hmm, guess I won't think about it, and will just see what happens =)

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    Seems like everybody agree he will survive but will lose the fight. It's the most reasonable end of this fight, because Jiraiya is a chracter too loved and Pain is one of the main villains, so none of those two can die now.

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    I really hope the old pervert doesn't kick the bucket right now but the situation right now doesn't look so good. I doubt he can escape either, it seems like Pein has got some good sensing abilities at his disposal. I'm hoping then that Pein will just take Jirayia hostage or something so he can see the fruition of his 'plan'


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    the multiple peins will be defeated by narutos clones think thats what the whole story goes out on

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    I don't know, it seems to me that they are playing his death a little too much, so as to set us up so we won't see another development coming.

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