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    how can all of you think the espada isn't dead, he is totally dead, 50 eyes vs millions of blades, he had no chance. He was a lower level espada, he isn't in the same league as byakuya.
    #7 is only one rank below Grimmjow. If he dies this quickly, then the explaining of his techniques was totally pointless. He'll probably use a new technique to get out of it, or wishfully, use Hanatarou as a meat shield.

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    wow.. byakuya is a bad mofo, no doubt. but I dont thin is over, although we know he will win.. i dont think he will win just cause he used bankai.

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    Byakuya...... I dont know what to say about him. He takes no crap whatsoever and hands out asswhuppins without a second thought.

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    This is Bleach...where most people get up after you think they're dead, the characters should know that by now. Byakuya really is a bad ass, but I highly doubt the Espada is gonna get killed off so quickly.

    Take me to Kenpachi now....

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    I agree with everyone who said this isn't over
    3 chapters and an ESPADA is dead?
    maybe an Arrancarr will die that quick but let's refresh on how many chapters each Espada took to die
    9=4-5ish chapters 10 if u count flashback
    8=still alive but fight scene has taken 10ish chapters
    6=6-7 chapters 10 if u count flashback

    so the average is around 10
    if this n00b dies in 3 I will personally laugh out loud at the world

    Byakuya is my favorite Captain
    and Ulquiorra is my favorite Espada: Is there anyone who wouldn't WANT to see them duke it out?

    But getting back to the point.

    A. Byakuya could've owned him in the beginning instead of dragging things out to prevent injury to himself and hanatarou
    B. Why doesn't the guy just aim for Byakuya's head when Byakuya's not paying attention?
    C. Clearly Byakuya will have the upper hand in the end so that means he can fight on Grimmjow's level, since this guy is the FASTEST Espada, and Byakuya can match this guy's speed, it means he can out speed Grimmjow! Meaning! Byakuya > Ban Kai Hollow Ichigo!!!!! (Actually I'm not really sure, I just want this to be true)
    I <3 Katsura Hinagiku

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    First of all I freaking hate the 7th's release, it's the damn ugliest thing ever, he looks like a queer pumpkin. Next I find it insulting that Byakuya has taken that much damage already. I say screw the 7th murder him fast and lets see him and Ulquiorra for a real fight. Lol it will be the most emotionless battle ever with both sides calmly insulting each other.

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    as much as i wouldn't mind, i don't see how byakuya > bankai hollow ichigo, when he defeated byakuya before. *shrug*

    i think this espada is uber gay, but i totally love the all sassy dialogue that's happening here. heh. and i missed byakuya. A LOT. so i kinda hope we get to see more of him. dead or no, byakuya still owns the pumpkin.

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    uber gay? LOL Oh come on nobody is gayer than Szayel.
    Okay so pumpkinhead may not be dead, but why is no one else as excited at this chapter? Yes Byakuya screwed up. But he's a hoity toity NOBLE, they always have to stand around looking cool and mocking the bad guy first, it's like a manga rule or something.
    Maybe I'm just biased. I love Byakuya with an unreasoning fangirl obsession. Still I thought this chapter advanced the story more then other recent chapters even if pumpkinboy isn't dead. Although I am heartily hoping for his quick demise.

    howdy akiahara! see i joined finially
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    this chapter was gay... both of them are gay... go show up Ken-chan... T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by abacusmaster View Post
    how can all of you think the espada isn't dead, he is totally dead, 50 eyes vs millions of blades, he had no chance. He was a lower level espada, he isn't in the same league as byakuya.
    Just one thing, Byakuya used bankai on someone before, without hesitation: Renji

    didn't he surive

    (or there were less from those pink thingies than there are now)

    I believe it isn't over yet... though I wouldn't realy care since #7 is ugly, and we have seen Byakuya go all out one time before against Ichigo... or he found a new technique... then he may surprise me!

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