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  • The Original Claw

    4 5.26%
  • The Cannon Type

    0 0%
  • The Bayonet Type

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  • The Crown Clown Claw Type

    37 48.68%
  • The Crown Clown Sword Type

    35 46.05%
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    D.Gray-man Vote for your Favourite Incarnation of Allen's Innocence!

    Well throughout the D.Grayman series we've seen Allen's innocence transform more than a couple of times. We see the original claw, the anger driven cannon type, the bayonett type, the crown clown claw type, and finally the crown clown sword type. Seeing that Allen's innocence is a parasite type i would of liked Hoshino to continue in that vein. Now its more like an equipment type. But ill admit the clown costume looks cool. Not really a fan of the sword tho.

    Anyways! Heres your chance to vote for your favourite!

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    Regular Member Wolfs_Run's Avatar
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    i like the evolved claw looks alot nicer then the rest

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    I really like the sword, it's nice looking while being very simple.
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    夢の芸術家 Dream Artist's Avatar
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    the new claw is pointy...heh heh

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    Couldn't be fucked Archiel's Avatar
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    I love Crown Clown's sword form, it is the best of all of them for sure. Though if I had to have a second pick it would be his cannon form of his original innocence.


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    the crown clown claw type looks best imo

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    Crown Clown Claw, it gave him the new style the first time^^

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    Senjogahara Fascination ReshenKusaga's Avatar
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    the evolved claw because it's totally badass :O

    the cannon and bayonet seemed a little wierd to me >_> like they were just thrown in, and the all the sword did was piss of the Noah in Tyki

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    The Crown Clown claw because it's more elegant than the previous two cannon and bayonet. The sword looks too bulky..

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    the sword is awesome.

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