Hey Guys, it's me again!

Seriously, am I the only German here? I couldn't find anyone making those characteristic mistakes such as overusing "-ing"-forms.

Anyway: A few feeks ago, we learnt there are three different Sage-Schools. We already know the Frog-Sage-Art taught in Myoubokuzan (Fancy Wood Hill), and we now know that there is something like a Snake-Sage-Art taught in Ryuchidou (Dragon Cave).

By the way: A few people seem to think that Snake/Dragon-Sage-Art involves using natural Energy. But actually, there isn't anything we know about this art except that it enhances your perception skills and that it changes your appearance. Though I must admit, it is pretty similar to Frog-Sage-Arts. Yet there seems to be one difference: Frog-Sage-Art enhances your range, we do not know whether that is the case in Snake-Sage-Art.

And there is a third Sage-Art taught in Shikkotsurin (Humid Bone Forest). I will stick out my neck and say there is a good chance it is related to slugs. I admit there is no evidence to support this, but seriously. Do you remember this animal-trio:


Since we already know that two of the three Sage-Arts are related to Frogs and Snakes, I would be quite surprised if the last Sage-Art wasn't related to Slugs.

I admit, my theory has a flaw: Jiraiya was a sage, and Orochimaru obviously would have liked to be one. Yet for obvious reasons, Manda wasn't quite willing to help Orochimaru (http://www.mangareader.net/93-175-4/...apter-170.html). And Tsunade? Katsuyu calls her Princess-Tsunade, so there seems to be a respectful relationship. So if there is a Slug-Sage-Art, Tsunade knows about it. Yet we can assume that now, against Edo Madara who is virtually unbeatable, she wouldn't hold back and refrain from using a jutsu that works best over a longer period of time. That's why I didn't open a "Tsunade a Sage?"-thread. I am pretty sure Tsunade isn't a sage.

Kishi, however, never does anything without a reason, so sooner or later we will learn more about Shikkotsurin. Naruto is a Frog Sage and was Jiraiya's pupil. Sasuke was Orochimaru's pupil and inherited - at least for a few years - his affinity for snakes. A few people already argue that Sasuke might become a Dragon-Sage. And Tsunade is Sakura's Sensei. I cannot think about anyone but Sakura that might become a Slug-Sage (sounds weird). So if I am right and there is something like a Slug-Sage-Art, Sakura seems to be the only choice for Kishi to present it to us.

I know it is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion Sakura has been a real disappointment. But it would at least fit the story: Sakura is supposed to have good chakra-control and to be intelligent. Both might help master the jutsu. But most importantly - and I am very sure nobody disagrees here - she really needs a power-boost. And she really could use a personal summon - if she hasn't already one we don't know about. People might argue that Shinobi/Kunoichi must have great personal chakra-reserves to become a sage, but actually we don't know much about Sakura's chakra. Tsunade at least seems to have a great one.

I admit, it may be wishful thinking, but wouldn't it be great: Three sages, all taught by the Three Legendary Sannin, fight the last villain - whoever that might be?

What do you think? Is it probable, or too far-fetched?