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There are two question lingering in my mind.

1) Do these guys Block/Seal Bankai, OR do they STEAL the Bankai and add it to their own strength. As you all saw, The Fuhrer (Vandanbleep leader guy) isn't using quincy techniques to fight, he just snaps his finger and blow your arm off. Now, not knowing anything about his/their true power should give anyone reason to pause.

2) Is Ichigo still at the power levels he reached at the end of the Aizen War? We have no proof that he can even still pull out Ogihci SSJ5 transformation Level of power, much less the FGT levels of power.

It doesn't seem that SS have gotten wind of Ichigo's intel, If they had, they would know about the Hollow Connections with these Vandanbleeps, and that would of course lead them to Hueco Mundo.
Knowing Urahara he probably tagged along to gather intel, Ichigo and his group is enough for a rescue mission. I bet once they know where the enemy is located he'll alert SS.