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    Quote Originally Posted by playerhm View Post
    ok I thought I noticed it too, but now that I look at it again everything's fine. Am I the only one? or did they correct it so quickly?
    Probably... i read it about the time it was released.... so basically they corrected it just recently... Thanks for the update... now i have to reDownload the chapter the correct final complete one

    So i just reread the corrected one... apparently mayuri or the gotei13 doesn't know how the quincy survived "the massacre" or how they increased they're numbers... its a mystery to even mayuri who is an expert in quincies... and if even urahara doesn't know anything then it'll lead to one man who could AIZEN!!!...this probably has a connection to ryuken and why he doesn't want ishida to learn more about quincies and include himself with shinigamis...also its made clear that the can seal or perhaps nullify bankai's and not use them
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