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    I'd take classic over futuristic any day. It's much greater seeing a fight between humans than one between machines. Well...Code Geass was cool, but most of the stuff I watch are classic.
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    i prefer classic over future... futuristic manga is... how should i put it... ah... that's the word... boring

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    Futuristic stuff is awesome. If you want a meaningful series that says important things, you're more likely to find it in the future category, since they actually look forward and show what could be.

    There are more possibilities in futuristic series. The setting could be earth with high-tech weapons, space, Jupiter, or a whole galaxy unlike anything ever seen before. There could be a ton of weapons and gadgets that can't exist in a classical setting.

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    This is a tough one, classical has more of a mystical feel to it, and it can play on many legends and myths, so history is on its side. Futuristic can hit on many interesting themes, such as the rise of technology and usually hits on the government in someway or another. I have a question, when you say classical you mean things based on the past or have a past setting. Then theres the mecha of the future. What about the middle line? You know, present life, a time period that hits around our own, because overall I prefer present time, neither past nor future. Though you can sometimes see elements of everything, but if its between classic and future, then I'd have to go with classic. It has a lighter feel to it, future themed things usually tend to be dark.

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