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    Naruto Naruto 379 Spoilers

    Attention read below!

    No spoilers outside this thread.
    No spoiler discussion in this thread, only spoilers themselves.
    Discuss the spoilers here.

    Please do not provide Babelfish translations or any translation by a online translation machine in this thread, they are confusing and always wrong...

    pic may confirm this (unconfirmed) spoiler:
    Jiraiya and the frogs use the Kanashibari genjutsu which mentally immobilizes the three bodies of Pein and defeats them.

    Immediately, another Pein appears, Jiraiya gets attacked and loses an arm.

    Pein Rikudou (the 6 bodies including the 3 defeated ones) appears.

    "Pein" is the inclusive nomenclature for all 6 bodies.

    Jiraya says "y.. you..." and onto next week
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    Naruto Naruto 379 Spoilers Discussion

    Attention read below!

    View the spoilers of Naruto 379 here.
    And discuss all about the spoilers inside this thread.

    if this is true, then jiraiya is gonna die...will miss the pervert
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    Well, J-man's death was heavily foreshadowed anyway.
    The good new is Pain is likely going to die as well since we now see all of his 6 bodies.
    As I predicted before the battle even started, this is probably the end of both Jiraiya & Pain. J-Man will pull out a Sandaime (suicide jutsu), but I don't see Pain getting out alive.

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    Hah, finally he is going to die. Now we can finally get some progress with the other characters!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    Hah, finally he is going to die. Now we can finally get some progress with the other characters!
    Of course kakashi would hulk out with no new books from jiraiya and take pain out. <.< joking.

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    Nooo. ;_;
    I don't think he is going to die, but he is probably not going to get his arm back. I like Jiraiyas character alot, I don't want him to be offed allready.
    Allthough, I am anticipating the other battles...

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    well, this battle had to end sooner or later, i still think jiraiya is gonna die, i still wanna know the jutsu that naruto has to finish that minato had left for him

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    oh man, i cant wait to read this chapter. i think jiraiya will die. despite that i like him, the story line requires his death. then i wonder, how naruto will fight Pain (this fight has to take place, just like sasuke/naruto fight). o man, im looking forward to the story development.

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    well the spoiler isn't even confirmed yet, we don't know if J-Mans arm is really going to be cut off. seems a bit extreme for such a manga to me, maybe just cut, not cut off.

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    but if i did got cut off i hope he dies because i dont whant the super pervert to live on with 1 arm so i hope it aint true to :(

    Go Jman you can do this
    NAruto's next Rasengan powerup(where he uses his new Fuuton RS while in Fox Xage mode) will accidentally make a tear in dimensions and suck Aizen and everyone else into Narutoverse, which will result in Madara and Aizen fusing, and Naruto will borrow Ichigo's enormous Zanpakuto and charge it with Wind Chakra and cut Madaraizen(if you steal this term I will hunt you down and disembowel you) in half, and then the world explodes from the awesomeness of the scene.
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