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    Quote Originally Posted by gin0va View Post
    Hah, finally he is going to die. Now we can finally get some progress with the other characters!
    Of course kakashi would hulk out with no new books from jiraiya and take pain out. <.< joking.

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    379characters! here !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clairedoy View Post
    Ohh man, just saw the raw... can't believe Jiraiya lost an arm... T_T
    fear not, he's a reptile (or close) so he'll grow a new one ^__^

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    I know the story must proceed, but I don't think J-man will die right away. I think there are things that he must do before he goes. I would hate to see him get cut off so easily. With that said I can't wait to read it!!

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    omg so it was true that jiraiya loses an arm then maybe his gonna die but i dont wanna what are we gonna do with out the perverted

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    Omg Dread, Why Why Why :'(
    Orochimaru reminds me of Michael Jackson... Hes pale and has long black hair LOL

    "Come here Sasuke, I'll show you the true power of the white snake" ROFLMAO

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    Yeah, I am almost sure he will grow his arm back somehow, but for some weird feeling, I don't think he'll win this battle. Either that, or they are both going to come out badly wounded.

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    Full translation by Kumanri:

    Chapter 379: Jiraiya's choice!!

    Cover page with 3 Pains
    Surprise, shock, despair. Even Jiraiya blurted out, "What in the world is Pain?"

    Page 38 (Image 001-1)
    Top box caption: finally a 1-to-1 combat...Jiraiya moving towards his victory!!

    Image 002
    Top box
    Jiraiya: I won't let you use Kuchiyose!
    Bottom middle
    Pain: ku..!

    Image 003
    Bottom (right to left)
    Pain: I'm deceived...?
    Jiraiya: You're inside the Kaneshibari Genjutsu that traps the soul. Now, you cannot move your true body.

    Image 004-1
    Big picture (speech bubble not clear)
    Pain: Jiraiya sensei... to think that I'm trapped by you in this genjutsu

    Bottom (right to left)
    Jiraiya: I don't let my guard down with whoever I fight with. I've taught you that...Nagato...
    Jiraiya: have made a mistake in your purpose...

    Image 005
    Top picture
    "I only want to protect the two of them. No matter what kind of suffering I have to go through."

    Bottom (right to left)
    Jiraiya: Instead of guiding the world with pain, you should overcome the pain with your strength. That was what I hoped you could accomplish.

    Image 006
    Top picture
    Old sage frog: This disciple will become a ninja who can bring about a great revolution to the shinobi world in the future.

    Middle (right to left)
    Old sage frog: He will bring either peace that the world has never seen before...or destruction...the world will revolutionise through either ways...

    Jiraiya: I believed in you for a while

    Bottom middle
    Jiraiya: Farewell.

    Image 007
    Pain: Aah...urrghh...

    Image 008
    Top (right to left)
    Jiraiya:'s over...
    Frog Ma and Pa were coughing violently.

    Middle (right to left)
    Jiraiya: Are you alright?!
    Frog Pa: This genjutsu song has taken a toll on the throat.
    Frog Ma: It's a hella hardship to match the rhythm with Pa! It's not something that you can do with ease! My throat hurts! My lower jaw is loose from stretching it! I'll have wrinkles!!

    Bottom (right to left)
    Jiraiya: I'm so sorry about that...please have a good rest later.
    Jiraiya: that's because I am done with making my choice for now.

    Image 009
    Big pic
    Pain: You've supposedly taught me not to let down my guard... Jiraiya sensei

    Image 010
    Jiraiya got knocked through the wall and he fell into the water.
    Bottom left picture
    Jiraiya: urgh...

    Image 011
    Top big picture
    Frog Ma: Boy! Your left arm is...!!
    Jiraiya: I know...

    Middle (right to left)
    Frog Pa: What's the meaning of this?!!
    Jiraiya: Their faces look different from the 3 earlier...I'm afraid they could be summoned by the kuchiyose earlier...
    Frog Pa: ...really...that's before they were finished in our genjutsu...!

    Bottom left picture
    Pain: well now...

    Image 012
    <no speech bubbles> 

    Image 013
    Pains: Pain Rikudou...

    Image 014
    Pains: is here.

    Image 015
    First row (top to bottom)
    Jiraiya: ....

    Second row (right to left)
    Frog Pa: six people...?! Six people here?!
    Frog Ma: !!? OMG look! The three earlier are here also, can you see?!

    Third row
    Jiraiya: One of the new guys summoned must have revived them with some kind of jutsu...!
    Frog Ma: Is that a jutsu that allows the resurrection of all three people that have died completely earlier?!! Are they human or not?!!
    Jiraiya: ...Pain...what in the world are you!?!

    Image 016
    Middle (right to left)
    Pain: Pain...that's a term to refer to all six of us.
    Jiraiya: Why do all six of you possess the Rin'negan...?

    Bottom (right to left)
    Jiraiya: !! are...

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    Okay there is no doudt that those are the real body of pein but I was wondering how pein can control all those body if he tranfer or change to the body that look like deidara it is posible that there are other body and we dont know about because I will understand better if the 2 body that he summon where that just summon but no their are 2 of his body then what is inside of them that control it because it is prety dificult to move 6 body at the time although he dont atk jiraiya with the 3 at the same time but he can move it at the same time what u think??

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    jiraiya is gunna end up dead but some special info will reach konoha about pain. naruto will be all emo etc.

    made by [DFX]
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    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
    jaeger makes the internet go round

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