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    Stop trolling in here, its getting annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    Stop trolling in here, its getting annoying.
    Just report him, that is all I'm doing. Sushi is not even worth the time to flame or etc.

    Besides, the thing that Sushi is pointing out is something that a user on 4 chan pointed out, then later admitted to hating Nintendo. So meh, not a lot of thought put into it originally.
    It's just the Metroid series remade for the Xbox crowd.
    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MountainLionLink View Post
    Also, the one negative thing I must say is that Nintendo had to include that vile piece of bad idea material could Bowser Jr. into the game. The Koopa Children were so much better then this pathetic mini Bowser.
    Don't think this can be emphasized enough. ;P I have no idea why they made that transition. The Koopa-kids were charming, Bowser Jr. is just a shrunken down Bowser.

    Either way, I loved the game. But I'm still surprised at the incredible ratings it's getting. Games who average at the scores SMG is are usually pretty revolutionary. SMG is great fun, but not really that revolutionary.

    Personally, I was never that fond of 3D-Mario games either. Mario 64 had me cursing too much about the stupid backwaysflipinthemiddleofanothermaneuverjump and it was almost impossible to make your way forward in water. The SMG doesn't have any of these problems and actually fixed everything that made me angry about Mario 64. I do miss the Mushroom Kingdom though... *sighs*

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