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    Hi there,

    I've been searching the threads and I think what I wanna say here hasn't been spoken out explicitely yet.

    When I tried to make up a possible end of the manga, I started to think what could happen to Sasuke since he is a criminal. I wanted to make a list of his crimes for starters. By then I realized that he did not commit any.
    That's completely ridiculous. Excuse me for my bluntness but, simply the entire proposition is false.

    Foremost, Sasuke is a ningen. Shinobi law would dictate that Sasuke is officially a criminal, with the punishment most commonly greeted with death. He is a ningen and thus is the fate of all ningen. Sasuke joined up with the Akatsuki, an S-class terrorist organization that threatened both the well being and military structure of the Great Nations. Likewise, the fate of a terrorist is death. Sasuke deliberately attacked Killer Bee, the protector of the Cloud Village. Such is the provocative declaration of war, and war is met with death. Sasuke deserves no more or less. Not to mention Sasuke's attack on the Kage summit and murder of Danzo, the Village leader of Konoha. And yet somehow he has committed no apparent crimes against the Shinobi world?

    That isn't simply wrong. It's delusional.

    Sasuke in the psychological spectrum is all but protagonistic. His intents are villainous, antagonistic, and inimical. He has stated time and time again that he wishes to dispose Konoha of all its shinobi, women and children. How does this not showcase or indicate that Sasuke is the villain, or rather a current antagonist in the story? He has committed countless crimes, coldly murdered people, and simply attempts to do more and do it greater in magnitude. His goals lie with the current arbiter antagonist in Tobi, and those of his association are antagonistic in their own right.

    Sasuke is considered to be well beyond redemption in the Shinobi world, and if he comes out of the current world war alive, he will be killed if the Great nations have any say whatsoever in it. The only situation that can reap even a remotely probable ending would have Sasuke dead at the hands of Naruto or something of the like. Even if we assume we receive some unfounded happy turnaround from Sasuke in the future, he certainly isn't living peacefully as a civilian after the world war is over. He will be greeted with death. Should he survive the war, the outcome is practically inevitable.

    Naruto attempting to come up with reasons to justify Sasuke's behavior will simply end up becoming moot. So Sasuke saw his parents die. Such a thing occurs all of the time in the world of Shinobi. So the Konoha Elders ordered the destruction his clan. Should it be mentioned that the Uchiha were planning to do the exact same thing to numerous other clans? Granted that it is quite tragic in nature, it still does not give Sasuke leeway for the crimes he has committed, and the many more he will commit should he get his way. The world doesn't pander to a child's wishes like that. Slaughtering a village and becoming associated with a terrorist organization isn't justifiable in any form of thinking. Sasuke will not just be greeted with punishment. To reiterate: He will be greeted with death. Speaking subjectively, perhaps Sasuke would have been more understandable if he, as a result of the event, had a life of nothing but enduring and feeling the pain of losing his brethren. He hadn't. He had established friendships, experienced peace and happiness, and had a future as a promising ninja in a relatively tranquil village. He even had a chance to become a hero for Konoha. What Sasuke needs to realize is that "The way of the shinobi is a harsh one." It doesn't and shouldn't pander to his will.
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